Projects and Publications

The Ogeechee Project“: Documenting the Voices of the Ogeechee River. This is a community history project begun in partnership with Ogeechee Riverkeeper in 2016 to collect oral histories, conduct ethnographic fieldwork about the everyday life of the river, and to establish an archival repository or network of repositories of local folklore, history, and artifact collections focused on the people and places of the Ogeechee River in Georgia, USA.

“The Practice of Real Estate and the Realities of Gas and Hazardous Liquids Pipeline Safety in the US Atlantic Coastal States”. Begun in 2016, this on-going project of the Pipeline Safety Coalition is focused on developing informational resources for real estate professionals on pipeline safety and awareness rooted in the best available science, current laws and Department of Transportation and National Transportation Safety Board recommendations.

“National Pipeline Survivor Support System: creating resilient, prepared, safety-aware, and empowered communities out of tragedy.” This scoping project in 2016 created the organizational structure and operational strategy for developing and implementing a national support system to provide post-traumatic stress counseling, basic information about what to do if a disaster happens, and general awareness of pipeline safety and preparedness. It was funded by the City of San Bruno and the Mayors’ Council on Pipeline Safety from a USDOT Technical Assistance Grant.

Case Study of Chester County, Pennsylvania First Responders and Gas Pipeline Emergencies, Prepared in 2014 for Pipeline Safety Coalition.

Chester County Pipeline Notification Protocol – PNP: Protecting Communities and Transmission Pipelines through Communication, Prepared in 2013 for Pipeline Safety Coalition.

Pipelines in Pennsylvania: A Case Study of Lycoming County, Prepared in 2012 for the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania and in collaboration with: The Citizens and First Responders of Lycoming County, PA, Schmid & Co. Inc., Consulting Ecologists, Media, PA,
Nature Abounds, Clearfield, PA, Pipeline Safety Coalition, Chester County, PA, Responsible Drilling Alliance, Lycoming County, PA


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