Heirloom Stories

Confidential, client-focused life history services.

c.a.s.e. Consulting Services can help you and your loved ones collect, record, and preserve your family memories and create a personalized legacy of stories and images. We offer over 15 years of professional oral history, ethnographic interviewing, writing, and archival research experience.

We will walk you through each step of the life history creation process. In addition to our in-house professional oral history, transcription, and writing services we also work with photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, writers, archivists, and genealogists. The only limit is the client’s imagination and budget!

Our in-house services include:

~Oral history recording on professional audio equipment. A basic life history recording session lasts between 6 and 16 hours.

~Professional transcription, narrative life history writing, and editing.

~Life story and family history research.

~Copyright filing and historical archiving of all digital and printed products.

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