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Check out Northern Tier Cultural Alliance’s Endless Mountains Rural Places Rural Lives Exhibit. We need more of this!

An exhibit of reflections from local residents on “sense of place” and cultural landmarks, this exhibit is being completed currently and will be available for travel starting in  2014.  The show features photographs, artwork and text.

An Exhibit “preview” will be hung in the Weigh Station Cafe from mid-November of 2013 until the end of the year. 

The full exhibit will hang at the State Farm Insurance Gallery, 1109 West Main St., Troy, PA for the month of March, 2014.  A Grand Opening is being planned there in early March.

In connection with this new exhibit, we urge all residents of the region to consider documenting places that are special to you.  Below is a list of questions to bear in mind with regard to these places:

  • Why is this place important to you? What are your favorite stories about it?
  • How is it part of your community?  If this is a place where people gather, who are those people?  Are they a particular religion, ethnicity, age or other particular group?
  • What is the historic significance, if any?  Are there public or personal events that occurred here?
  • Are there unique architectural features?
  • What is the environmental significance, if any?
  • What needs to be preserved here?
  • How has this place changed over time?

And most significant:

  • If this place were to disappear, what would be lost?

If you have questions about the exhibit – or would like to schedule it for a gallery after March 30, 2014 – please email us at

This exhibit funded in part by the Bradford County Room Tax Fund, the Endless Mountains Visitors Bureau, the Allen F. Pierce Foundation and members and supporters of the Northern Tier Cultural Alliance.

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