c.a.s.e. Consulting Services LLC

Building Community. Raising Awareness.

Creating Solutions. Nurturing Empowerment.

c.a.s.e. stands for “Community Awareness and Solutions for Empowerment.” We are a cooperative roots-based consultancy brought to life in 2012 through the inspiration and creative collaboration of students at Dickinson College, residents of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and Dr. Simona Perry. Learn more about Simona’s professional work here.

The c.a.s.e. Mission   The mission of c.a.s.e. is to provide local, regional, and national consulting services and resources to rural and urban communities and people directly impacted by rapid social and environmental change or conflict. Drawing on over fifteen years of experience in community-engaged and trauma-informed practice, environmental science, policy, and regulatory research, c.a.s.e. is committed to equipping local communities, individuals, and organizations with the awareness and skills to recognize their own capacities for resiliency, adaptation, and transformation. Through our work, people find shared work with the potential to reimagine and transform some of the most pressing problems of the 21st Century.

The c.a.s.e. Work   At the heart of all we do at c.a.s.e. are the people; the long-term collaborations and partnerships we build with individuals who are part of local community groups, practitioner communities, artist collectives, educational institutions, government agencies, and organizations of all types. We are constantly seeking new relationships with those who share our passion for creating engaging, liberating, empowering, and transformational processes and tools, and for developing culturally relevant, locally governed, and just solutions to complex local and regional economic development projects, and environmental change scenarios and conflicts. Contact us so we can explore how we can work together! Before contacting us, you may want to review c.a.s.e.’s 2020 re-vision, which describes our commitment to practices and work that is centered on respect, dignity, liberation, transformation, and love for all.

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